Monday, January 9, 2023

The kitchen Pantry Wonderful Benefits!


Open Space in the kitchen turned 
into a Pantry 

Coat Closet turned into a Pantry

Floating Shelves for Herbs & Spices

Having a pantry can help to store small kitchen appliances such as food processor & mixer, non-perishable foods and wines (it can be a mini wine cellar) while keeping kitchen countertops clear for food preps. It also inspires cooking and just being in the kitchen much more fun! 

Plus, a well-organized pantry is essential for any good home chef. Learning to store, prepare and use the products we keep in our pantry can lead to better meals, healthier lifestyle and helps create less food waste. 

So, ideally, we all should have a pantry, but what to do if we don’t have one? 

Well, you can create a pantry with shelves using any suitable open space in your kitchen and even a coat closet, if there is one near by your kitchen. 

See the pantry examples above, which do not require constructions and are easily doable as fun DIY projects. 

Additionally, you can install some floating shelves for your herbs and spices to make them readily available when cooking and baking! 

So many cost effective little things we all can do to make our kitchen not only a place of joy for cooking and entertainments, but also a kitchen, which is clutter-free, organized and inviting! 

Happy Cooking & Baking! 

Ellie Lavender 
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
Interior Designer
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