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Brava Home Showroom Live Demo: Savory Beetroot Ginger Vegan Spread Recipe

Dec. 16, 2018 
Brava Home Showroom Live Demo:
 Savory Beetroot Ginger Vegan Spread

Savory Beetroot Ginger Vegan Spread
Pic. 1

Salad: Candied beets, arugula,
shaved fennel & French radishes 
Pic. 2

Flatbread: Beetroot spread, arugula, 
shaved fennel, French radishes &  
Moroccan black olives
Pic. 3

Pic. 4

Christmas in a Jar Winner!

Pic. 5

Pic. 6

Pic. 7

Pic. 8

Pic. 9

Vegan Cooking with Brava oven was lots of fun and delicious!

With many thanks to Ernie, Julian and the enthusiastic foodies and wine lovers who attended the demo, we had a blast at Brava Home Showroom in Stanford Shopping CTR

We roasted beautiful beetroots in Brava oven in just 15 minutes and made 3 yummy dishes: 1) savory beetroot ginger vegan spread, 2) arugula salad with candied beets, shaved fennel and French radishes and 3) flatbread with arugula, candied beets, shaved fennel, French radishes and Moroccan black olives, which were enjoyed by the demo attendees with a glass of delicious French wine, the Les Deux Moulins Pinot Noir!

The savory beetroot ginger vegan spread as a unique holiday gift (
Christmas in a Jar), pic. 4 was well received, which we raffled a jar of, in addition to a delicious bottle of Pinot Noir 2014 Coast Grade, Partage Winery.

Savory Beetroot Ginger Vegan Spread Recipe:

Ingredients (serving size 6):
6 small red beetroots
1 can Italian butter beans (drained & rinsed)
1/4 cup pistachios (chopped into small pieces)
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 tsp. sea salt
1/2 ground cumin
1 tbsp. Meyer lemon rinds
1/4 cup fresh Meyer lemon juice
1 tsp. peeled and chopped (small pieces) fresh ginger

1) Cut off the root and the stem ends of beets.
2) Peel the skin using a vegetable peeler or paring knife.
3) Wash and pad dry beets with paper towel.
4) Dice beets into small chunks (pic. 5); put beets in a bowl, drizzle half of the olive oil, cumin, a pinch of see salt and toss them with a spatula (pic. 6).
5) Arrange the diced beets on Brava oven tray (pic. 7) in all 3 zones, place the tray on the bottom section of the oven and roast for 15 minutes using the instructions on the cooking panel: Vegetables>>Beets>>Small (please note:  the roasting/cooking time on Brava oven cooking panel is set for the whole small beets, but since these are diced, they’ll cook a lot faster and in a shorter period of time (set up a timer for 15 minutes).
6) Remove beets from the oven and let them cool for 30 minutes.
7) In a food processor, combine roasted beets, butter beans, ginger, sea salt and the rest of the olive oil (pic. 8).
8) Process until the mixture is coarse (pic. 9). 
9) Add Meyer lemon juice and pulse 3-4 more times.
10) Place the mixture in a bowl and garnish with crushed pistachios, a few Meyer lemon rinds and a drizzle of olive oil.

Enjoy your beetroot ginger vegan spread with pita chips, wholegrain crackers, apple or pear slices and carrot sticks or any other fruits and veggies to your liking (pic. 1).

Salad : You can also make a delicious arugula salad with candies beets, shaved fennel, French radishes, and crushed pistachios. For salad dressing, just use olive oil and Meyer lemon juice (pic. 2).

Flatbread: Put a layer of your delicious beetroot ginger spread on a flatbread, add some arugula (toss the arugula with a touch of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt), shaved fennel, French radishes, Moroccan black olives and sprinkle some crushed pistachios (pic. 3).

Enjoy this delicious Savory Beetroot Ginger Vegan Spread recipe; let your culinary imagination run wild and share your beautiful creations pictures!

Chef Ellie Lavender 
Vegan Mediterranean Personal Chef
Culinary & Wine Pairing Instructor
Lavender Design + Cuisine

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Feb. 9: Valentine's Artisan Chocolate & Wine Pairing Class (Vegan)

Chocolate Hearts

Artisan Chocolates

Pescadero Creek Vineyard 

2014 Pascale Pinot Noir

Greetings Chocolate and Wine Lovers!

Registration is now open
 for my Valentine’s Artisan Chocolates and Wine Pairing Class (a beautiful gift to yourself and your loved ones for the Valentine’s Day) on Saturday February 9th, from 1-5 pm at the Pescadero Creek Vineyard’s magnificent setting, beautifully nestled in the foothills of Pescadero (6500 Pescadero Creek Road, Pescadero, CA 94060). 

In this delicious hands-on vegan chocolates and wine pairing class you'll make exquisite chocolate arts with Valrhona France Manjari 64% Dark Chocolate and your choice of incredible selections of organic ingredients such as herbs, flowers (culinary lavender included), dried fruits & nuts. Ribbon, raffia, a small red box and label will be provided so that you can beautifully package your exquisite chocolates as a gift to yourself or for someone special.

You’ll enjoy your exquisite chocolate arts with Pescadero Creek Vineyard’s
award-winning wine, the 2014 Pascale Pinot Noir, which beautifully complements chocolates.

Class fee is $175.00 and includes a bottle of 2014 Pascale Pinot Noir (a $65.00 value), samples of your chocolate arts and a small bag of Provence culinary lavender.

Plus, all registered students of this class will receive a one-time 10% discount offer on Valentine's Day items and all other items available in the Toque Blanche store located in downtown Santa Cruz. Discount code will be provided in the class.

Class runs for 4 hours and limited to 10 students to ensure the most spectacular experience for all. Since, space is limited, early registration is highly encouraged.  Please click here for more information and to register now.

I will provide an apron for each student, a tantalizing fruity red rooibos tea, a delicious French roast coffee and light refreshments before the start of class.

I look forward to seeing you in my class! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Chef Ellie Lavender

Vegan Mediterranean Personal Chef
Culinary & Wine Pairing Instructor

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To register for my additional culinary and chocolate classes, please click on each class link below:
A Taste of Spain on Your Plate – Saturday April 6, 1-5 pm
A Taste of Provence on Your Plate – Saturday June 8, 1-5 pm
A Taste of Tuscany on Your Plate –Saturday August 10, 1-5 pm
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New Year Inspirations!

Happy New Year!

Instead of the New Year Resolutions, consider these 3 New Year Inspirations:

Love Yourself Without Limits  Choose To Be Awesome!

Be Fearless
 – Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. When you dare to face the things that scare you, you open the door to endless possibilities. Don't be afraid to take the steps you need to take to make positive changes in your life. Just do it!

Refresh Your Network
 – Let go of negative, judgmental and toxic people. Instead surround yourself with positive people, the dreamers, doers, shakers, movers and seek their help. These are the people who will empower you to achieve your dreams, not the negative ones, they are too busy criticizing you and the world!

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019!

Ellie Lavender 
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
Interior Designer

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