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Personal Chef & Catering Clients Testimonials


What my happy personal chef and catering clients are saying …..

Personal Chef Clients

‘We hired Chef Ellie as our personal chef 7 years ago and can't imagine our lives without her gourmet, nourishing, amazingly beautiful and delicious foods. She is a joy to work with and is always willing to cater our events even on short notice. We absolutely love her and highly recommend her.’ ~ Joe & Kathy, Los Gatos

‘We were meat eaters and skeptical to hire a vegan personal chef, but once we tasted Chef Ellie’s delicious vegan Moroccan couscous she had catered at a friend's house, we hired her immediately!  We no longer eat meat. We are much healthier and feel great! Thank you Chef Ellie for preparing delicious healthy and amazing meals for us, we love eating at home and enjoy perfectly paired wine with our foods.’ ~ Suzanne & Steve, Saratoga

‘We hired Chef Ellie as our 
personal chef 7 years ago and love all the beautiful, healthy, organic and delicious foods she makes for us! Our two boys adore her, because they get to cook with her after school, which is been instrumental in getting them to eat healthy foods! We love her flexibility, positive and can do attitude too, she makes everything possible. Highly recommend her. ~ Joyce & Philippe, Los Gatos

Ellie’s culinary creations are simply amazing in terms of presentation, nutritional value and especially taste.  Ellie has an incredible sense for combining ingredients in a complimentary way. Chef Ellie is always playing with new ingredients and creating new recipes. Whether it is a brunch, a snack, a dessert or a lavish dinner, her cuisine is always created with thought, mindfulness and joy. Her uncompromising commitment to using fresh, organic ingredients allows her to virtually eliminate the use of sugar, salt or other less healthy ingredients. As a result, each time after enjoying her dishes we feel invigorated and completely satisfied. We are truly blessed to have Ellie and her lovely approach to nutrition in our lives. ~ Jean & Werner, Santa Cruz

Catering Clients

‘We hired Chef Ellie to cater our very small, private wedding and it was perfect! Ellie was a pleasure to work with right from the beginning. She was energetic and joyful and we immediately connected with her. She was attentive to the needs of our picky-eater children and was willing to adapt some of her recipes to accommodate them. The entire experience with Ellie was wonderful. We were in good hands and it was so nice to sit down to a fantastic intimate meal after our long day. Ellie gave us the royal treatment. The food was AMAZING! I loved having leftovers for a week...I didn't get tired of eating the delicious Moroccan couscous. The kids loved Ellie as well. They appreciated her joyful energy and generosity. Ellie went above and beyond, from beautiful flowers and specially prepared napkins and table settings, to a gift bag for each of us to remember our special day, to a basket of homemade dark chocolate that was exquisite, and the special treats didn't stop there. I will definitely think of Ellie for a special event again, and would recommend her to everyone.’ ~ Kamala & Jason, Santa Cruz

I highly recommend Chef Ellie’s outstanding cooking and baking! Finally, a chef who truly knows how to cook vegan dishes and make them savory. Her sense of using just the right ingredients is a gift. She is creative and always right on. Her baking skills are top notch. Her creations are always astonishing as they are not only a treat to eat but they are beautiful to look at. She's a top baker. She uses the best organic ingredients and doesn't produce anything that is not of the highest caliber. Creative is her middle name. No one would go wrong putting her in charge of any catering event. Just enjoy the talent, you will see. “~ Judy, Santa Cruz


I'm immeasurably grateful to do what I love thanks to my amazing personal chef and catering clients. They are the center of my work and a great inspiration.

Thank you!

Chef Ellie Lavender

Vegan Mediterranean Personal Chef
Culinary & Wine Pairing Instructor
Lavender Design + Cuisine


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