Saturday, December 5, 2020

Declutter Your Life Workshop Testimonials


What my happy workshop attendees are saying......

‘I came home from the workshop and decluttered my entry way, a work station, and the shelves and counters in my kitchen. My stack of reading material had unread magazines from two years ago, and I realized "I could live without them", and that in fact, I HAVE been living without them - can't wait to cancel the subscription. Just looking around, I actually feel better, more spacious inside, and more in the present moment. Proof to me that not only is there a mind/body connection, but a mind/ environment connection that I can't afford to ignore! Thank you, Ellie, for a real take-away!’ ~ Peter, Santa Cruz

‘Ellie's knowledge about mindful design and decluttering one's life is only surpassed by her passion for it. Attending the workshop was enjoyable and most importantly, useful. I came home from the Declutter Your Life workshop and decluttered my kitchen counters before going to my next meeting. I feel so good looking at those counters. It really does impact how you feel! I'm on a roll now. Thanks Ellie! ~ Nancy, Santa Cruz

‘Thank you Ellie for the inspiring workshop. It was beyond my expectations!!! Not only did we learn some great tools for tackling the clutter, but also the core blocks of letting go. I appreciate all the special touches, delicious gourmet treats, sachets, and 1:1 personal connection. Ellie, you’re a true gem. Thank you!’ ~ Kim, Santa Cruz

‘I had the opportunity to attend Ellie's Declutter Your Life workshop and was very impressed with the manner in which she conducted the workshop. What I appreciated the most was her subtle humor and her ability to get the attendees to participate effectively.’ ~ Sandhya, Morgan Hills

‘Ellie workshop was very inspiring but most of all it motivated me to get out of my "overwhelm" mode to continue this unpleasant project that needs to be finished.  I came home and started with a fresh approach and am working on it a little each day." ~ Joanna, Los Gatos

'I truly enjoyed your workshop.' I loved your preparation and your attention to detail. I found it soothing to be present. You are on to something in your work and I thank you for helping me continue to move forward.’ ~ Jan, Santa Cruz

I'm immeasurably grateful to do what I love thanks to my wonderful workshop attendees. They are the center of my work and a great inspiration.

Thank you!

Ellie Lavender                   

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
Interior Designer
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