Saturday, December 5, 2020

Feng Shui & Interior Design Testimonials

What my happy clients are saying......

Ellie helped me harmonize my bedroom, which greatly improved my sleep, hence my love life and relationships. For years I suffered from sleeping difficulties, but after decluttering my bedroom, I slept through the night, and woke up feeling rested and refreshed. At first, it was difficult to remove electronic devices and art objects from my past relationships, but with Ellie’s guidance, I felt empowered and let go of all of them. Thank you, Ellie for your encouragement and knowledge!' ~ Julia, Palo Alto

 ‘Ellie helped us to transform our dark bathroom into a beautiful private spa! We started by decluttering our bathroom and painted it a soft lavender color. Then we bought a lavender-blue shower curtains, bathroom rug, a couple of lavender candles and a beautiful purple Orchid flower. These simple changes resulted in an amazing transformation of our bathroom and all for the cost of $138.00. Thank you Ellie!  We love our new private spa!’ ~ Julie and John, Los Gatos

 ‘Ellie helped us to declutter, organize and Feng Shui our whole house, which was neglected for many years! Once, we declutterd, organized and applied Ellie’s creative and inspiring interior design’s solutions, our house was transformed into a beautiful home, a place of joy, comfort and relaxation. The two areas, which needed the most decluttering and organization, were our children’s bedrooms. The immediate positive impact became apparent when we stopped asking our 9 year old daughter and 12 year old son to do their homework, pick up their things, stop arguing, etc. Pleasantly, we noticed our constant nagging had turned into praising them for keeping their bedrooms clean and doing their homework. We are also delighted that every Saturday morning they bring their dirty clothes basket to the laundry room and empty their trash cans, which have helped to keep their bedrooms clean and organized. Our daughter and son are now much happier and calmer. They also sleep better, argue less, and are more focused on their school work. For this amazing transformation and so much more, we can’t thank you enough, Ellie!’ ~ Cathy & Steve , Almaden Valley

Ellie helped me declutter my home, a process that increased the energy flow in my life. Thanks to the Feng Shui work Ellie did, my home is now my sanctuary. I feel at peace and organized within its walls. Life is a journey, but Ellie has helped me pack for a successful trip. Thank you, Ellie for your patience and knowledge!’ ~ Alicia, San Mateo

‘I was a little nervous about having Ellie come into my cluttered home, but those feelings evaporated once she was here. Her warm and positive attitude helped me see the potential of the different spaces in my home, and she provided guidance on where and how to start the process so that it didn't feel overwhelming. She was very supportive and encouraging, and when our visit was done I felt empowered to tackle the clutter. Since that day, I've made significant progress and feel much more relaxed and happy in my home.’ ~ Deana, Los Gatos

‘Ellie empowered me not only to declutter my home, but my relationships with toxic people, who drained my energy and in many ways paralyzed my life! Thank you Ellie, I feel free!‘~Sandy, Palo Alto 

‘Initially we felt insecure about changes in our home & home office, but Ellie inspired us to rise above small worries and approach change with practical solutions and optimism. Thank you, Ellie, for helping us to make our home and home office clutter-free, organized and harmonious! We love it!’ ~ Maggie and Steve, Los Gatos

‘Ellie helped me to declutter and organize my office. It was a total mess. The result has been very rewarding. I am now more focused on my job and actually enjoy working in my home office, instead of wasting time and getting frustrated.’ ~ Steve, Santa Cruz

‘Ellie helped us to declutter our tired living room and turn it into a place of total relaxation. We started by getting rid of all the mismatched furniture, paintings, piles of books and magazines on the floor, cleaned all the windows and removed a table, which had blocked the French doors to our beautiful deck. After that we implemented Ellie’s creative suggestions and rearranged the furniture in our living room creating a cozy place for all of us to enjoy! Our deck, which is now completely accessible, is a delightful place for morning coffee and a glass of wine at night! This budget-friendly transformation has been simply amazing! Thank you Ellie for your creativity.’ ~ Becky and Bob, Santa Cruz

I'm immeasurably grateful to do what I love thanks to my wonderful Feng Shui and interior design clients. They are the center of my work and a great inspiration.

Thank you!

Ellie Lavender                   
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
Interior Designer
Lavender Design + Cuisine


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