Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Feng Shui Your Office: Advance Your Career, Business and Make More Money!

The path to living a more Prosperous Life starts with a clutter-free, organized and mindfully (thoughtful and functional) designed work environment!

Positive energy, right people and opportunities will be drawn to you and your business when you exercise the Power of Feng Shui.

A More Productive, Successful and Rewarding Career and Business start with a single step.

Get Started Today! Apply these simple, yet effective and powerful Feng Shui Enhancements to your work environment and watch your success and prosperity amplified in amazing ways:

1.  Eliminate Clutter:
  • Clutter inhibits efficiency and productivity.
  • Clutter makes it difficult to concentrate and prioritize tasks and weakens the power of decision-making.
  • Ultimately Clutter limits paths to success and prosperity.
  • Declutter Your Work Environment.
2.   Assess Your Possessions - Ask yourself when looking at an item:
  • Do I need it or use it regularly?
  • Does it energize or inspire me?
  • Does it enhance my efficiency and productivity?
  • Does it contribute to my success and prosperity?
  • Let go of those items that don’t pass. 
3.  Evaluate Your Work Environment – Stand at the doorway of your work environment and analyze these areas:
  • Desk space – Keep what’s essential and let go of items that have no use or provide no benefit being there
  • Computer and communication devices – Declutter (get rid of useless apps & programs) and Organize (desktop icons, old emails and VMs) those, too.
  • Desk placement - Place yourself in the Power Position. Don’t sit with your back to the door. This is very  important.  
4.   Organize - Put everything in its logical place.
  • Set up Filing/Storage/Organization Systems that will enhance your efficiency and productivity.                            
  • Tackle Existing Paper Piles: Go Paperless and Store Electronically. 
5.   Get your career unstuck: Keep the underside of your desk completely clear.

6.    Add life energy: Bring in plants and fresh flowers.

7.    Add images that represent abundance, prosperity and wealth.

Exercise The Power of Daily Affirmations:

1.     I deserve the best in life
2.     I am ready to accept abundance
3.     I attract new income streams
4.     Money comes to me easily
5.     I choose to accept prosperity
6.     I am grateful for all of the good in my life

Bring Simplicity, Mindfulness, and Gratitude into Your Life!

Believe that anything is possible. Rejoice in that belief to create a more successful career and business.

Happy Decluttering!

Ellie Lavender

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

5 Types of People to Avoid & 5 Types of People to Surround Yourself With!

Happy Wisdom Wednesday! 

Jim Rohn is famous for saying, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with".

You become what you surround yourself with. It's true!

To succeed in life there are certain types of people you want to avoid, and other types you want to proactively seek out and hang with!

Do a little stocktake right now, using the lists below to check yourself...

5 Types of People to Avoid:

While we consciously choose to love and respect ALL people, even those who would purposely or accidentally drag us down, we can love them from a distance! Or at least deflect the unhelpful stuff they throw our way...

1. The Haters - that says it all. They hate on you and what you do. They say it in words or fire it at you with a look on their face. It is NOT about you. It's that they have such pain inside themselves, and it bursts out in your direction. Be sure to see their hate for what it is, and deflect it promptly!

2. The Sideline Judges - they judge you and may come across as quite well meaning, thriving on sharing their opinion about your choices. Yet, they sit on the sidelines of life, and have no skin in the game themselves! Remember what Theodore Roosevelt famously said... "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly..."

3. The Comrade Who Knows Best - like you, they are learning, growing and committed to being their best. But... unfortunately, they think they have it all figured out and keep telling you what you should do! As you know, we're all very unique and it's different strokes for different folks. So what works for them may not be what you need. Be grateful for their desire to help, but stay true to your own intuition.

4. The Old-School Thinkers - rigid in their world view, they think there is only one way to live and if you're not on that path, watch out! Whether it's that you "should" have one career and do it for your whole life, or whether it's that you should buy a house with a picket fence and have children, or whether it's that you should put your money only in certain investments... they are not open minded and cannot bear to see you free and making soul-led choices that are non-traditional or outside the "system" of society. Bless them, because they try to protect you, genuinely thinking it's safer if you adhere to what everyone has always done. But remember... if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you follow? Of course not! Make your own choices.

5. The Sympathizers - it's not that you need to avoid these lovely people, as much as avoid getting sucked into a pity party they host for you! When you face a challenge, they will show sympathy, cry with you, agree with your pain, agree with your issues, so that you don't feel alone. BUT... sympathy is not what you need. You want empathy, quickly followed by EMPOWERMENT. Which is why, you need...

5 Types of People to Surround Yourself With:

1. Listeners - They just listen. No judgement, no projection of their own personal views onto you. Just a listening space where you can freely express, being seen and heard. WOW... how awesome it feels when you meet a listener!

2. Acceptors - They accept you, just as you are. In the moments when you're a hot mess and making mistakes, they accept you. In the moments when you're flying high and rocking it out, they accept you. Human beings CRAVE acceptance. We love these people!

3. Seers of Truth - These people look beyond the surface level of life and beyond the surface level of you. They see the truth. They know the powerful soul you are. They know that you have what it takes to overcome ALL things and achieve your goals. They know what is meaningful and important, and what is not. And because of this, YOU will see truth because you are surrounded by them. And if you ever forget, they will point it out to you. True sight is priceless!

4. Way Makers - They light the path ahead. They go first, and check out what it's like to explore new territory. And, they are more than happy to share with you about the ins and outs, in raw honest detail. From them you learn, you receive inspiration and motivation, you see what is possible, and you go there too!

5. Empowerers - These love filled people thrive on lifting you up. Filled with positivity, always there to offer a motivating word or refreshing new perspective, they actively choose to see life differently to most people. They LOOK for the openings for personal power and the best way forward, for themselves and for everyone around them.

If you think you're the only one needing more good people in your life, you're not!

We see so many awesome people like you who are having to deal with other people's negativity, and lacking exposure to listeners, acceptors, seers of truth, way makers and empowerers.

Source: EvolveHQ'

Credit for this post goes to a wonderful chef friend of mine who is an amazing positive force in my life!

Ellie Lavender 

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Declutter Your Home: Trash, Recycle, Donate & Sell

As you first set out on your journey to declutter your home, use this very simple and practical technique to empower yourself with the art of letting go. Find 4 boxes and label them as trash, recycle, donate and sell. Put each item from every room in your house in one of the four boxes. No item should be passed over. Start with the easiest room in your house and work your way through decluttering your whole house!

The wonderful feeling of freedom from physical and emotional clutter is simply unimaginable until you experience it for yourself! Not only you feel empowered by letting go of the items that took space in your home, heart, body and soul, you will open space for lots of wonderful things pour into your life.

Get inspired! Declutter an area of your home today. Use these simplified and practical technique. Put one item in trash box, 1 in recycle box, 1 in donate box and 1 in sell box. That’s 4 items x by one week = 28 items. Once you get into the habit of practicing this simple and practical technique, soon your home will be clutter free, so will be your life.

Happy Decluttering!

Ellie Lavender

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Meet Chef Ellie Lavender!


My name is Ellie Lavender. I’m a vegan Mediterranean personal chef, culinary instructor and artisan chocolatier.

My journey as a self-taught vegan Mediterranean chef started at age 7 with my decision to become a vegetarian. Having asked my mom to prepare vegetarian foods, her reply was: “It’s time for you to learn how to cook so that you can make any kind of food you want”. I started cooking and found absolute joy in experimenting with the bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs (lavender always being my favorite) from our organic garden. This early encounter with the joy of cooking led me to create Lavender Cuisine, because cooking truly is my greatest passion!

I offer the following culinary services throughout Santa Cruz County and the South Bay:

Personal chef Services featuring organic, seasonal, local and sustainable Vegetarian-Vegan Mediterranean gourmet cuisine prepared in your kitchen and tailored to your personal taste. 
Vegan/Vegetarian Mediterranean Catering for all occasions (up to 50 people).

Private In-Home Cooking Classes: If you would like to host a Vegan/Vegetarian Mediterranean Cooking (4-course meal: appetizer, entrée, salad and dessert, plus wine) and Wine Pairing Class in your home (minimum 5 people, maximum 10), I'll come to your home to guide you, or a group of friends, through a fun day of cooking right in your very own kitchen. The class (4 hours) fee is $150.00 p/p and tailored to your own desire! Plus, you’ll be rewarded in two ways: your attendance will be free and I'll throw in a lovely bottle of wine.

Chocolate Making Event for birthday parties for children 10 years and up (minimum 5 children, maximum 10). In this very hands-on event at your venue, children will make chocolate arts, which are organic, vegan and sugar free.  They’ll get to try their chocolate arts and even gift wrap some of their lovely handmade creations in exquisite packaging provided by me. Parties start at just $175.00 for 5 children (each additional child is $35), which includes everything necessary to have a super fun time that is ideal for photo and video memories.

Culinary Team Building-Corporate Cooking Classes: Hands-on interactive culinary team building classes are a fun and effective way to create employee bonding experiences. The classes encourage teamwork, enhance communication, and foster camaraderie all in a delightful and delicious environment. Leave it to me to custom design a menu to accommodate your goals and budget. Then, I’ll run an experiential class your team will fondly remember for years to come! 
I look forward to bringing you the joy of Vegan/Vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine

Contact me today to arrange for a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation to take the first step.   

Chef Ellie Lavender

Vegan Mediterranean Personal Chef
Culinary Instructor

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Magical Plants, Flowers and Herbs that Promote Positive Energy in your Home!

The use of plants, flowers and herbs beautify and enrich our home and work environments and lives. They also promote and enhance positive energy, which has a direct impact on our health, physical and emotional wellbeing.

These magical plants, flowers and herbs are promoters of positive energy in your home:

1.      Lavender flowers have many magical properties, including relaxation. This plant activates the energy of stability within one’s life. It not only removes toxins from the home, but helps with headaches, insomnia and depression. A few pieces of leaves and flowers in a bath help stimulate mental clarity. This beautiful purple-flowering plant is one of the most popular in folklore. Its energy also brings healing and protection.  Additionally, Culinary lavender flowers whether crushed, sprinkled, ground or infused, this flavor-intense herb will indulge your senses, tantalize your taste buds and please your palette. The next time you are looking to expand your culinary horizons, try adding Lavender to one of your favorite dishes for a surprisingly different and delicious flavor.
2.     Jasmine is a sacred flower of Persia and has been greatly significant throughout history. This fragrant plant stimulates energy and enhances self-esteem. It is also known to strengthen relationships and create romance. This plant helps with the ability to manifest prophetic dreams, while stimulating the heart chakra.
3.     Rosemary is one of the best plants for purification in the home. This plant helps lift depression while battling anxiety. It originates from the Mediterranean region and was once symbolic for remembrance. Rosemary not only instills inner peace but also repels negative energies and spirits. A rosemary bush by your front door is a wonderful way to keep negativity outside.
4.     Lily is believed to be a multi-functional plant. It helps clear out any spiritual, emotional and physical issues. It grows well in shaded or dark places. Placed in the bedroom, lilies promote serenity and tranquility for restful sleep.
5.     Sage is a powerful, magical plant that opens you up to higher states of consciousness and spiritual communication. Burning sage has incredible cleansing qualities, and has been used since Native American times. It promotes a sense of positivity in your home and purifies it of bacteria.
6.     Basil attracts positive vibrations to the environment. It is a rare plant in that it emits oxygen for 20 hours a day while removing toxins. Basil means “royal” and it truly does embody royal powers. It is one of the most amazing plants to keep in your home, not just for cooking, but for its ability to heal irritations, cleansing toxins, and enforce spiritual strength.
7.     Oregano is a wonderful herb to have in your home. Its fragrance induces happiness, peace, love, and spiritual cleansing. As a tea, it helps relieve many ailments. Oregano is perfect for clearing out negativity and welcoming good energy into your space. The best place for it is in sunlight in a kitchen. It is a plant that brings family energy together.
8.     Rose is the symbol for love around the world. Its energy is that of healing and love. In mythology, Aphrodite presented a rose to her son Eros. The rose is sacred and it holds one of the highest vibrational frequencies in plants. It dispels toxins and negativity while bringing passion to your home and life. This beautiful flower holds a tremendous energetic disposition to bring love into your heart.
9.    Money Plant has many names. It is referred to as silver vine, golden pathos and hunter’s robe to name a few. According to Feng Shui its energy produces a flow that attracts wealth and good luck. The reason it is called the money plant is because of its leaves resembling coins. This plant increases the oxygen level of the home. It can be used to climb or to hang. The money plant is best to have near electronics such as computers, televisions, or WiFi routers. It helps relieve stress and anxiety in the home.

Start the new year by promoting and enhancing positive energy in your home and work environments, hence your life!

Happy New Year!

Ellie Lavender

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Tangy Veggie Wrap with Lemon-Dill Hummus Spread Recipe!

Veggie Wrap

 Lemon-Dill Hummus Spread

Start the New Year with a healthy and yummy meal.

A meal made with love. There’s nothing quite like eating a homemade meal, prepared with organic healthy ingredients and tons of love. This lovely tangy veggie wrap with lemon-dill hummus spread is easy to make and will soon  be a favorite selection for lunch, dinner or a snack. I teach this recipe in my cooking classes for kids and they love it too! 

Tangy Veggie Wrap Recipe:

Ingredients (Serves 4 to 6)
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 medium shallots cut into 1/4-inch cubes
1 medium zucchini cut into 1/4-inch cubes
1 medium yellow squash cut into 1/4-inch cubes
1 medium fennel cut into 1/4-inch cubes
1 medium tomato cut into 1/4-inch cubes
1 medium garlic cloves, minced
A pinch of sea salt
4-6 organic lavash bread sheets (10 x 12 inches, plain or flavored).

Directions: Sauté all the ingredients  in olive oil over medium heat for 10-15 minutes until lightly cooked, so that they remain crunchy. Remove from the stove and let it stand at the room temperature while you are making the lemon-dill hummus spread.

Lemon-Dill Hummus Recipe: The beauty of making hummus at home is that you can play around with the Ingredients of your liking. I use a varieties of beans and fresh herbs when making hummus!  This is my white kidney beans, lemon-dill hummus, which can be enjoyed with pita crisps, wholegrain crackers and as spread on veggie wraps or any sandwiches. Click here for the recipe!

Veggie Wrap Assembly: Place a lavash bread sheet (10 x 12 inches) on a plate, spread a layer of lemon-dill hummus, then sprinkle 3 tablespoons of the veggie mixture. Start rolling the wrap. Cut the veggie wrap diagonally and enjoy. 

Wishing you a delicious 2018!

Chef Ellie Lavender

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