Friday, February 3, 2017

Aspiring Young Artist Chefs Made Exquisite Chocolate Arts.

The Creative Hands of Aspiring Young Chefs 

Aspiring Young Artist Chefs Made Exquisite Chocolate Arts.

The amazing Tierra Pacifica Charter School students rocked the kitchen one last time. Today, in our 4th/last class they made Artisan Chocolates with Organic Herbs, Flowers & Fleur de Sel which they loved and promised to make for the Valentine's Day. These enthusiastic foodies and creative young chefs' beautiful teamwork and collaboration was simply amazing. Click here for their beautiful testimonials.  

Thank you Bengie, the amazing aspiring young chef students and the Tierra Pacifica Charter School for the wonderful opportunity to share my love and passion for vegan-vegetarian-Mediterranean cooking with you.

My Amazing Creative Students: Love your wonderful thank you card, it is sitting beautifully in my office. 


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Aspiring Young Chefs Heartwarming Testimonials.

Such a beautiful time cooking with Tierra Pacifica Charter School Young Aspiring Chefs and enthusiastic foodies. Over the period of 4 weeks they beautifully collaborated, took turns chopping veggies, sautéing, seasoning, plating, setting up the table, enjoying the foods they made and cleaning up afterward, the most amazing students I have ever had. They rocked in our culinary class adventures:

Class 1 – Moroccan Couscous Salad with Lavender Lemon Tahini Dressing  
Class 2 – Pear Lavender Parfait  
Class 3 – Tangy Veggie Wrap with Yogurt Ginger Dressing 
Class 4 – Artisan Chocolates with Organic Herbs, Flowers & Fleur de Sel  

And below is a list of most heartwarming testimonials they gifted me with along with:

Benito, 5th grade – “The best thing about the class was, we got to make healthy delicious meals, and we all worked together to accomplish a food dish.”

Taj, 6th grade – “The thing I loved about this class was that we got to do teamwork to make our foods.”

Rohan, 5th grade  – “I really liked that we made food from different culture.”

Olivia, 5th grade  – “the best thing about this class was chef Ellie taught us how to cut up veggies and fruits. We also got to work together and cool.”

Richard, 7th grade  – “Eating, learning and flower tastes.”

Ella, 8th grade  – “I really enjoyed the sense of comradery.  It was fun cooking all together.”

Crosby, 7th grade  – “ What I enjoyed in this class was that I got to try foods not from the US. This has inspire me to cook more and in different ways.”

Carmen, 5th grade  – “The class inspired me to be a chef because we used teamwork and collaboration. The food was awesome. Thank you chef Ellie.”

William, 6th grade  – “The class was fun because we got to help out with making food and we got to eat what we made.  I mainly signed up because I wanted to make chocolate, but later, I also loved the other foods we made.”

Desiree, 5th grade  – “I loved this class because I was with all of my friends and I got to cook delicious food with them. Thank you chef Ellie.”

Thank you again the amazing students for your wonderful testimonials, the beautiful card and many thanks to you Bengie for your contribution, you are all simply the best.


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