Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Discover how to Simplify Your Life in 3 Steps.

Living simply results in a rewarding lifestyle because it’s based on mindful consumption. It's about inner richness and gratitude for the things we already have rather than constantly struggling to acquire more and more stuff, which we don’t need. Excess results in mind and environmental clutter and inhibits paths to happiness and prosperity.  
Living mindfully leads to a lifestyle of gratitude. The idea of “less is more” is never more applicable than when living simply. When making do with less, the attitude of gratitude naturally extends into all areas of life, including just being grateful for life itself.

Simplify Your Life in 3 Steps:

1.  Declutter Your Home, Office/Workspace and Relationships – Release and Let Go
2. Organize  Your Home and Office/Workspace – Be Productive and Feel Empowered
3. Apply Feng Shui – Bring Balance and Harmony into your Life

Inspire Transformation Story - “Ellie helped us to declutter, organize and Feng Shui our whole house, which was neglected for many years! Once, we declutterd, organized and applied Ellie’s creative and inspiring interior design’s solutions, our house was transformed into a beautiful home, a place of joy, comfort and relaxation. The two areas, which needed the most decluttering and organization, were our children’s bedrooms. The immediate positive impact became apparent when we stopped asking our 9 year old daughter and 12 year old son to do their homework, pick up their things, stop arguing, etc. Pleasantly, we noticed our constant nagging had turned into praising them for keeping their bedrooms clean and doing their homework. We are also delighted that every Saturday morning they bring their dirty clothes basket to the laundry room and empty their trash cans, which have helped to keep their bedrooms clean and organized. Our daughter and son are now much happier and calmer. They also sleep better, argue less, and are more focused on their school work. For this amazing transformation and so much more, we can’t thank you enough, Ellie!“ 
Cathy & Steve , Almaden Valley

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