Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Clutter-Free Social Media: How to Clean Up Your Social Media Life?

You know that sigh of relief you breathe when you finish cleaning your house? That same feeling can be achieved by cleaning up your social media accounts. Just like when your home is a mess and you can’t find anything, the stress of an over-cluttered social media experience can be overwhelming. With an increase in social media accounts, posts, and audiences, there are accompanying increases in decisions that need to be made—similar to when your home is stuffed with knick knacks, your desk is piled with papers, or your bedroom floor is covered in clothes. Do I read this post? Do I need to wash this shirt? Should I share this with my followers? Can this junk mail be thrown out? These mental decision-making moments induce a similar brand of stress that being surrounded by mess can cause.
The solution to this chaos is found in organization. When thinking about cleaning up and organizing your social media presence, you should consider all areas of your online presence that could do with some tidying up. You will probably find it helpful to declutter the social media accounts you’re following, as well as streamlining your own social media presence to impact your overall strategy and goals for stress-free social. Click here for more.
Happy Decluttering!