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Herbes de Provence & Meyer Lemon Sea Salt Recipe!

 Herbes de Provence & Meyer Lemon Sea Salt  

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Gourmet sea salt’s elegant appearance, complex flavor and moist texture add unique tastes in sweet and savory culinary creations! 

This delightful Herbes de Provence and Meyer Lemon Sea Salt include a combination of fresh and dried herbs typically found in southern France. Like many of the seasoning blends of the same name, I’ve also added organic culinary lavender to the mix. Lavender adds a wonderful floral aroma, a delightful taste on the palette and beautifully complements sweet and savory culinary creations.

Even though, this blend uses fresh herbs, it will keep quite well in the cupboard or kitchen counter for several weeks — at least! The low moisture and the sea salt itself both help preserve it, even at room temperature.

Ingredient (makes two 4 oz. jars), Pic. 1
1 Cup high quality organic sea salt
1 Tsp. Dried herbes de Provence
1 Tsp. Dried or fresh organic culinary lavender buds
1 Tsp. Fresh thyme leaves
1 Tsp. Fresh oregano leaves
1 Tsp. Fresh marjoram leaves
1 Tbsp. Meyer lemon or lemon rinds


1.        Loosely chop all of the fresh herbs and put them in a shallow plate or a bowl, pic. 2.

2.       Add dry herbes de Provence, culinary lavender, Meyer lemon or lemon rinds, sea salt and   toss them with a couple of spoon until the mixture is well blended, pics. 3 & 4.

3.       Put the sea salt mixture in a glass container and store in a cool and dry place.

This tasty homemade gourmet sea salt and a handmade label make a beautiful and unique culinary gift for friends and family too.

Happy Cooking & Baking! 

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