Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Meyer Lemon Thyme Sea Salt Recipe!

Meyer Lemon Thyme Gourmet 
Sea Salt in a Bowl for the Kitchen Counter

Meyer Lemon Rinds, Thyme and
Sea Salt Mixture
Pic. 1

Thyme & Sea Salt

Meyer Lemon Rinds

Meyer Lemon & Thyme Gourmet 
Sea Salt as a Gift
Pic. 2

Meyer Lemon & Thyme 
Gourmet Sea Salt 
Gift Label
Pic. 3

Meyer Lemons and thyme are in season and together they'll make a wonderful gourmet sea salt that not only will enhance flavors in sweet and savory culinary creations, it also makes a delicious, beautiful and unique culinary gift, pics. 2 and 3.

The next time you are looking to expand your culinary horizons, try adding this wonderful sea salt to one of your favorite dishes for a surprisingly different and delicious flavor!

In addition, a beautiful bowl of this aromatic and earthy flavorful sea salt on the kitchen counter not only inspires cooking, it also makes the kitchen more inviting. Plus, making infused sea salt is an easy process that makes great use of excess herbs and Meyer lemons.

So, let’s get started with the recipe!

Ingredients (makes three 4 oz. jars):
2 Cups high quality sea salt
2 Tbsp. Meyer lemons' rinds 
4 Tbsp. Thyme leaves

1. In a bowl combine sea salt, Meyer lemon rinds and thyme leaves and gently toss with two spatulas, pic. 1
2. Transfer the mixture into a bowl or a jar and start enjoying it in your sweet and savory culinary creations. You can also sprinkle it on chocolate, which makes it totally decadent! 
3. It will keep for up to 3 months in an airtight glass container on the kitchen counter, but not directly under the sun or close to heat (stove). 


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