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Holiday Artisan Chocolate & Wine Pairing Class Beautiful Pictures!

Beautifully packaged box of 
chocolates by students!

Chocolate Class Materials

Chocolate Class Materials

Beautiful Flowers by LocaLife Flowers
 in Bonny Doon

Persimmon Chocolate Lavender Tart

Class Materials

Magical Venue in Santa Cruz Mountains

Wine: Truvee Red Blend Central Coast 2013

 Organic dried fruits & herbs

  Organic dried fruits & nuts

Jean is having fun zesting orange!

 Orange zest makes chocolate even
 more delicious!

Melting chocolate & infusing it with 
 culinary lavender & orange zest is an art, 
which my fabulous students perfectly did!

John & Jean having fun creating chocolate arts!

 John & Jean having fun creating chocolate arts!

 Jason loves chocolate, can you tell?

 Lisa is creating chocolate arts!

Chocolate arts collaboration!

Chocolate arts made by students!

 Demonstrating how to make a colorful, 
beautiful & decadent chocolate barks

Chocolate barks completed pic

Chocolate arts collaboration

Chocolate arts collaboration

 Chocolate arts collaboration

Chocolate arts collaboration

Chocolate arts collaboration

 Herbed vegan beetroot & butter beans paté with 
French & watermelon radishes, 
rainbow carrots, apples, pears 

 Herbed vegan beetroot & butter beans paté with 
French & watermelon radishes, 
rainbow carrots, apples, pears and 
Za'atar Moroccan spiced crackers. 

Students enjoying coffee & tart before the class

 Students enjoying coffee & tart before the class

Students & their beautifully packaged
chocolate arts, so proud of them!

Toque Blanche Discount on these items and 
everything in their store and web site.

My students are awesome!

They rocked my Holiday Artisan Chocolate and Wine Pairing Class on Saturday, December 7th at the beautiful FlipJack Ranch nestled in the magical Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Upon their arrival, in the beautiful, cozy, warm and festive settings of the FlipJack ranch, they enjoyed a delicious French roast coffee infused with Provence culinary lavender, a delightful red rooibos tea and a decadent vegan persimmon chocolate lavender tart.

Then, they each took a set of class materials displayed on a perfect long table and beautifully complemented with gorgeous flowers by Localife Flowers, which is the local flowers source (Bonny Doon) for my culinary classes and catering events, thank you Cristina!

Next, they joyfully put on their eclectic aprons and beautifully collaborated with each other to make exquisite chocolate arts with Valrhona Manjari 64% Dark Chocolate (infused with orange zest & Provence culinary lavender) and incredible selections of organic ingredients such as herbs, flowerschocolate covered cocoa nibs, freeze dried raspberries, candied orange, dried fruits, nuts & fleur de sel.

While waiting for their beautiful chocolates to set, they enjoyed a delicious herbed vegan beetroot & butter beans paté with French & watermelon radishes, rainbow carrots, apples, pears and Za'atar Moroccan spiced crackers. 

They also enjoyed sampling their beautiful chocolates with a delicious wine, the Truvee Red Blend Central Coast 2013 by McBride Sisters. They took home a bottle of this delicious wine, a box of their beautifully packaged chocolate arts and a small bag of Provence culinary lavender!

Plus, they'll enjoy one-time 10% discount offer on all items available in the Toque Blanche kitchen store in downtown Santa Cruz and on their website.

Thank you, my fabulous students for your presence in my class and your beautiful testimonials. You are the center of my culinary world and a great inspiration!

At last, but not the least, a special thanks to Robin & David, the owners of the FlipJack Ranch for the most beautiful venue for my class, everyone loved it. 

Chef Ellie Lavender 
Vegan Mediterranean Personal Chef
Culinary & Wine Pairing Instructor
Lavender Design + Cuisine

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