Monday, September 30, 2019

Vegan Cooking & Wine Pairing Class: A Taste of Spain on Your Plate

 Magnificent Entree: 
Vegan Paella

Decadent Dessert:
Pear Rhubarb Chocolate Lavender Torta w/ 
Lavender Honey, Crushed Pistachios & Orange Rinds

Delectable Appetizer
Smoked Paprika Garbanzo Beans, Preserved 
Meyer Lemon & Fried Basil Chiffonade  

Delightful Salad: 
 Fennel, Orange, Radishes & Black Cured Olives 
w/ Citrus-Basil-Olive Oil Dressing

Veggies Paella w/o Rice

Organic Ingredients 

Organic Ingredients 

Class Menu & Wine 

My students are awesome!

They rocked my Vegan Cooking & Wine Pairing Class: A Taste of Spain on Your Plate!  

They enthusiastically put on their aprons and beautifully collaborated with each other to make 
4 exquisite dishes with organic ingredients from the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market and local organic grocery stores. 

We had an amazing farm-to-table vegan cooking and wine pairing class with 
zero waste. I love that!

Below are the 
exquisite dishes my awesome students made:

1) A Delectable Appetizer – 
Smoked Paprika Garbanzo Beans, Preserved Meyer Lemon & Fried Basil Chiffonade

2) A Delightful Salad – 
Fennel, Orange, Radishes & Black Cured Olives w/ Citrus-Basil-Olive Oil Dressing

A Magnificent Entree – Paella with organic zucchini, yellow squash, Orange Carrots, Red & Yellow Peppers, Caper Berries, Spanish Green Olives & Lemon-Saffron Santo Tomas Bomba Rice with Shallots, Garlic, Meyer Lemon Juice and Rind

4) A Decadent Dessert – 
Pear Rhubarb Chocolate Lavender Torta w/ Lavender Honey, Crushed Pistachios & Orange Rinds

They enjoyed their 
exquisite culinary creations with a delicious Spanish red wine, the Puerta Plata Reserva 2013, which beautifully complements the Spanish cuisine.

Thank you, my awesome students. You are the center of my culinary world and a great inspiration!

Chef Ellie Lavender 
Vegan Mediterranean Personal Chef
Culinary & Wine Pairing Instructor

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