Monday, February 12, 2018

Sweet & Savory Mediterranean Tapas, Flat-breads, Tarts & Galletes

Hazelnut cilantro spread w/ shaved fennel, roasted red bell 
peppers, French radishes, capers & cherry tomatoes

Hazelnut cilantro spread with  toasted artichoke, 
olives & cherry tomatoes

Anju red pear w/ herbes de Provence flatbread

Persimmons & Fennel Flatbread w. Pomegranate seeds

Yellow squash & Tarragon Flatbread 

Lemon-Dill-Butter Been Spread on Pita Bread

Savory Beetroot Pistachio Spread

Savory Beetroot Pistachio Spread on Flatbread w/ baby spinach 
and black olives

Watermelon Fennel Salad

Fennel French Radishes Flatbread w/Zaatar spice &
Pomegranate seeds

Asparagus Chestnut Flatbread 

Persimmon Basil Lavender Tart

Rhubarb Orange Lavender Tart

Rhubarb Pear Pistachio Tart

Valentine's Artisan Chocolates

Plum Lavender Galette

Pear Fig Lavender Tart

Anju Pear Orange Lavender Tart

Chocolate Orange Lavender Tart

Pear Lavender Tartlet

Persimmon Chocolate Pistachio 

Persimmon Lavender Pistachio Tart

Artisan Chocolate

Plum Lavender Tart

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