Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Feng Shui Your Office: Advance Your Career, Business and Make More Money!

The path to living a more Prosperous Life starts with a clutter-free, organized and mindfully (thoughtful and functional) designed work environment!

Positive energy, right people and opportunities will be drawn to you and your business when you exercise the Power of Feng Shui.

A More Productive, Successful and Rewarding Career and Business start with a single step.

Get Started Today! Apply these simple, yet effective and powerful Feng Shui Enhancements to your work environment and watch your success and prosperity amplified in amazing ways:

1.  Eliminate Clutter:
  • Clutter inhibits efficiency and productivity.
  • Clutter makes it difficult to concentrate and prioritize tasks and weakens the power of decision-making.
  • Ultimately Clutter limits paths to success and prosperity.
  • Declutter Your Work Environment.
2.   Assess Your Possessions - Ask yourself when looking at an item:
  • Do I need it or use it regularly?
  • Does it energize or inspire me?
  • Does it enhance my efficiency and productivity?
  • Does it contribute to my success and prosperity?
  • Let go of those items that don’t pass. 
3.  Evaluate Your Work Environment – Stand at the doorway of your work environment and analyze these areas:
  • Desk space – Keep what’s essential and let go of items that have no use or provide no benefit being there
  • Computer and communication devices – Declutter (get rid of useless apps & programs) and Organize (desktop icons, old emails and VMs) those, too.
  • Desk placement - Place yourself in the Power Position. Don’t sit with your back to the door. This is very  important.  
4.   Organize - Put everything in its logical place.
  • Set up Filing/Storage/Organization Systems that will enhance your efficiency and productivity.                            
  • Tackle Existing Paper Piles: Go Paperless and Store Electronically. 
5.   Get your career unstuck: Keep the underside of your desk completely clear.

6.    Add life energy: Bring in plants and fresh flowers.

7.    Add images that represent abundance, prosperity and wealth.

Exercise The Power of Daily Affirmations:

1.     I deserve the best in life
2.     I am ready to accept abundance
3.     I attract new income streams
4.     Money comes to me easily
5.     I choose to accept prosperity
6.     I am grateful for all of the good in my life

Bring Simplicity, Mindfulness, and Gratitude into Your Life!

Believe that anything is possible. Rejoice in that belief to create a more successful career and business.

Happy Decluttering!

Ellie Lavender 
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
Interior Designer

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