Monday, May 1, 2017

Create A Garden For Your Senses: See. Hear. Taste.

Gardens bring us joy and happiness. Whether you have a large backyard, a small courtyard or just a stairwell with a few potted plants, you can turn it into a place of joy, relaxation, serenity and contemplation, a living sanctuary that refreshes your mind and spirit  Using colors and the art of arrangements, you can transform any outdoor space into a restorative garden retreat.

Get inspired! Create your own garden retreat:

1.  Make your garden beautiful and vibrant!
2.  Plant colorful and aromatic fruits such as strawberries; vegetables such as yellow squash; flowers such as roses; and herbs such as lavender, sage, mint and lemon verbena.  These categories of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs will invite bees, butterflies and birds to your garden in addition to creating visual pleasure.
3.  Add a soft wind chime, bird feeder, solar garden lights, vibrant garden balls, eclectic stepping stones, a couple of chairs and small table. These elements are perfect for stimulating your senses. They generate and promote good energy in your garden, home and life. 
4.  Create a garden that you can smell, feel, hear and taste!
5.  Connect with nature to enjoy its soothing power on your senses.
6.  Make a habit of having your morning coffee/tea in your garden, and enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.

Have fun with your garden!

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