Friday, April 7, 2017

Celebrate Earth Day: Green Living Tips and Benefits

Celebrate Earth Day :: Green Living Tips and Benefits  

Every year on April 22nd, more than 1 billion people in 190 countries take action to celebrate Earth Day! They plant trees, clean up their communities, contact their elected officials, and more—all on behalf of the environment.  
There are many things we can do collectively to promote a cleaner environment and reduce the harmful effects of climate change. One of them being a cultivation and promotion of Green Living. For example, we can:
1.   Improve the Efficiency of our Water Heater and HVAC System
2.   Get a High-Efficiency Showerhead
3.   Always run the Washing Machine and Dishwasher with a full load
4.   Avoid Cleaning Products with Harmful Chemicals and use Natural or Organic Ones
5.   Be Creative in so many ways when recycling: The best use of an old Claw foot Tub!

6.    Compost
7.    Avoid Buying Genetically Modified Foods (GMO).
8.   Shop from Local Organic Grocery Stores and Farmer’s Markets
9.   Eat Organic and Grow our own Organic Vegetables and Herbs
10.  Use Solar Energy
11.   Drive Electric Cars

Lastly, you can choose to become vegan or at least vegetarian. The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that the meat industry generates nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating climate change worldwide . . . far more than transportation. Collectively we can reduce the harmful effects on climate change by having vegan or vegetarian foods. It's good for our health, and also contributes towards maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment and preserving our beautiful planet.   

Promote environmental awareness on Earth Day and throughout the year.

Happy Earth Day!

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