Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tierra Pacifica Charter School Aspiring Young Chefs Rocked the Kitchen.

The Creative Hands of Aspiring Young Chefs 

Pear Lavender Orange Mixture

Yogurt Lavender Orange Mixture

Crystallized Orange 

Chopped Crystallized Orange 

Culinary Lavender 

Nestled in the beautiful neighborhood of Live Oak between the magnificent towns of Santa Cruz and Capitola, Tierra Pacifica Charter School is very special in so many ways!  One of the most special things about this beautiful school is their empowerment of aspiring young chefs. 

Tierra Pacifica Charter School was formed in 1998, as a collaborative effort among parents, teachers and community members committed to the development of the whole child (Kindergarten through 8th grade).  

I met Bengie Hodges, school’s Development Coordinator and a foodie at Live Oak Farmer’s Market. We made immediate connection as we both share the immense value of hand-on learning such as cooking classes for kids. So, when I was asked by Bengie to teach cooking classes, I immediately said yes. Eating healthy foods starts at a very young age and teaching kids how to make healthy and delicious food is the best way to inspire them. So, with great excitement, I got to work and designed the below series of vegan Mediterranean cooking classes for the students.

Class 1 – Moroccan Couscous Salad with Lavender Lemon Tahini Dressing  
Class 2 – Pear Lavender Parfait  
Class 3 – Tangy Veggie Wrap with Yogurt Ginger Dressing 
Class 4 – Artisan Chocolates with Organic Herbs, Flowers & Fleur de Sel  

This past Friday, in our second cooking class 10 foodies and aspiring young chefs made a Pear Lavender Parfait, which they loved and promised to make it at home. These enthusiastic foodies and creative young chefs' beautiful teamwork and collaboration was simply amazing. Chef kids are simply the best.

Thank you Bengie, Alex, Kitty, the amazing aspiring young chef students and the Tierra Pacifica Charter School for the wonderful opportunity to share my love and passion for vegan-vegetarian-Mediterranean cooking with you!

I look forward to our 3rd delicious cooking class, which we’ll be making a Tangy Veggie Wrap with Yogurt Ginger Dressing.


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