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Lavender Design + Cuisine September Blog

Greetings from Lavender Design + Cuisine, your source of Inspiration for Living Luminously!

My September Blog Offers: Feng Shui Enhancements for a Child’s Bedroom, an Inspired-Transformation Story, Roasted Root Vegetable Medley, Persimmon Lavender Galette and Wine Pairing Class, and Recipe of the Month,  Plum Lavender Galette.

A quick update on Declutter Your Life workshop: I moved the workshop to January 21, 2017, which coincides with the new year and new beginning, a perfect time to declutter, let go and focus on a fabulous life ahead! Registration is now open and the workshop is limited to 10 participants only to encourage high level of  interactions and a personalized experience.

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Yours in Harmony!
Ellie Lavender

Feng Shui Enhancements for a Child’s Bedroom 

Empower your children's aptitude for success by applying Feng Shui enhancements to their bedrooms. Partner with them to create an inspiring bedroom environment that promotes enriched education, success, and happy relationships with parents, siblings, and others.  

However, before you apply any Feng Shui enhancements to the bedrooms of your children, it’s important that you bring them into the process. Start by discussing the benefits of a clutter-free, organized and inspiring bedroom environment; and then get their permission and full participation. After that, work together to design short and long term plans to keep their bedrooms clutter-free, organized and inspiring!

As your kids are preparing to return to school, now is the time to set the stage for success. Creating open spaces will allow them focus on where they are going rather than where they were. Click here for your step-by-step action plan. 

Inspired-Transformation Story : “Ellie helped us to declutter, organize and Feng Shui our whole house, which was neglected for many years! Once, we declutterd, organized and applied Ellie’s creative and inspiring interior design’s solutions, our house was transformed into a beautiful home, a place of joy, comfort and relaxation. The two areas, which needed the most decluttering and organization, were our children’s bedrooms. The immediate positive impact became apparent when we stopped asking our 9 year old daughter and 12 year old son to do their homework, pick up their things, stop arguing, etc. Pleasantly, we noticed our constant nagging had turned into praising them for keeping their bedrooms clean and doing their homework. We are also delighted that every Saturday morning they bring their dirty clothes basket to the laundry room and empty their trash cans, which have helped to keep their bedrooms clean and organized. Our daughter and son are now much happier and calmer. They also sleep better, argue less, and are more focused on their school work. For this amazing transformation and so much more, we can’t thank you enough, Ellie! “ – Cathy and Steve , Almaden Valley

Roasted Root Vegetable Medley, Persimmon Lavender Galette and Wine Pairing Class

 Roasted Root Vegetables Medley 

Persimmons Lavender Galette

Greetings Food and Wine Enthusiasts:

Spend the afternoon with me celebrating the Fall season and discovering the amazing things you can do with root vegetables, persimmons and lavender!  

Oven-roasted root vegetables are simply delicious and highly nutritious. In this fun hands-on delicious class (limit 15 & only 6 spots left as of now), we will make roasted root vegetables medley, quinoa salad with Morello cherries & toasted hazelnut and a persimmon lavender galette (dairy and egg-free), which we’ll enjoy with Ch√Ęteau Haut Sorillon Bordeaux Superieur 2012, an amazing red wine from the south of France, simply perfect for this lovely cuisine. 

We'll even raffle a bottle at the end of the class. You’ll leave the class joyful with recipes!  

When: Saturday October 22nd, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Where: Whitaker Hall, Skyland Church, 25100 Skyland Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033 (Los Gatos mountains, 15 minute drive from downtown Los Gatos and 25 minute drive from downtown Santa Cruz).
Class Fee: $75.00 p/p
Online registration, click here   

I look forward to seeing you in the class. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Chef Ellie Lavender


Plum Lavender Galette Recipe


Plum and lavender are in abundance and together they make a heavenly galette! This is a very lovely late summer recipe, absolutely divine by itself, though lovelier with a shot of espresso, a glass of pinot noir or both. Click here for the recipe!

Happy Baking!
Chef Ellie

More pictures of my foods now on Instagram: Lavender_Design_Cuisine

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