Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lemon & Lavender Culinary Tips

Lemon & Lavender Culinary Tips from Chef Ellie's Kitchen: 

Culinary lavender adds a delightful and exotic flavor to any sweet or savory creation. It’s an amazing herb to have in your culinary herb collection. Follow these tips when cooking and baking with lavender:

1. Always use organic culinary lavender.
2. Use lavender as an infusion. Either lightly grind it with sugar for baked goods or mix it with a liquid such as cream or syrup.
3. A little goes a long way. Use lavender sparingly. Its flavor is intense and can easily overwhelm baked goods or savory dishes.
4. Pair lavender in baking, use it with lemon juice and zest. 

Happy Cooking and Baking!
Chef Ellie

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